Nelly Biesemans, Belgian designer of exclusive children’s ceremony dresses.

Nelly Biesemans Newborn Little Miss and Special occasions

Since her early childhood she has been making drawings of brides on all kinds of materials: old wallpaper, booklets …. It did not matter, as long as she could draw.

After having gained a technical expertise of Haute Couture in Veurne, she studied drawing, both on a bachelor (Bruges) and a master level (St. Lucas Ghent).

She kept on getting fascinated by the great designers such as Dior, Chanel, Lanvin, Yves-Saint Laurent and many others.

Obsessed by the job, she obtained her degree of independent designer.

The first exclusive children’s dresses were created in 1993.

Since that moment she has been developing her own style. The love of beautiful fabrics and a perfect finish have become her trademark. Each garment is produced with great care and an eye for detail. Sometimes materials or accessories are dyed or painted by hand and even now and then flowers are hand cut in silk. These are then assembled in the old artisan way.

Her designs and the manufacturing of them constitute a fully Belgian production, involving a lot of manual labor. The collection of communion dresses is based primarily on beautiful French Dentelle de Calais and/or Italian lace, often finished with skirts of silk or tulle. Most corsages have a corset closure and are finished with flowers that, one by one, have been sewn on the dress by hand.

The creations are then completed with her personally designed Swarovski gems, with jackets, stoles, boleros in marabou and boots in suede and ballerinas in leather, these being produced in a small Italian family shop and also handmade.

Nelly Biesemans is one of the few remaining creators who still control all the different phases from design to production.

adminNelly Biesemans, Belgian designer of exclusive children’s ceremony dresses.